The architectonic space is an area of space and time where void gets configured, volumes are assembled, both empty and filled parts, details and feelings are created, structures, materials and colors are used, light is organized and transparencies and interconnections with the outdoors are formed. MIES is just a minimal mark that divides the volumes in different spaces while keeping them interconnected to one another. The transparency of the wall creates environments where the visibility and the passage of light are never limited. At the same time, MIES is a perfect element for noise abatement and the interruption of air passages.
MIES is a decisive detail whose different compositions and finishings customize every style and perfectly suit Adielle doors. Thanks to the innovative patented segments, MIES guarantees a fast implementation and an easy installation. Doors applicable to mies: - MITIKA BATTENTE - MITIKA SCORREVOLE - LIGHT SCORREVOLE - STYLE