The Piana collection is characterised by a door with an aluminium frame enclosed between two pieces of glass. The effect obtained with this type of assembly gives the door a perfectly flat box-like appearance, making it suitable for the most sought-after environments.


System available in the following range of openings:

The guide pin of the sliding door goes inside the panel frame making it easier to assemble.
The lock support, painted in the same finish as the frame, also acts as a handle for opening the door. The latch is aligned on the outside of the lock support.

The polyurethane wheel applied to the frame creates friction when in contact with the floor, helping the door to not swing on its own. (optional fitted on request)
The slot for the carriage of the sliding door is concealed by a plastic cover in the same finish as the frame.
The fully opening pocket door has a flat pull handle for closing the leaf.
In hinged or pivot applications, the centre wall door jamb means that the door is centred within the thickness of the wall, and therefore in line with and visibly similar to the interior wall sliding door.
The offset pivot hinge allows the leaf to open to 180 degrees and makes it possible to adjust the door.
The hidden pivot hinge that is completely concealed inside the leaf frame, limits its opening to a maximum of 110 degrees, and doesn’t have an adjustment system.

Aluminium or glass architrave, or a 12.5 mm thick sheet of plasterboard, can be applied to the jamb for cable covers of the swing doors.
The wall flush jamb, in anodised or RAL painted aluminium, is available in two versions, for either brick or plasterboard walls.
For pivot solutions without jambs, the handle model X52 is integrated into the leaf frame and painted in the same finish as the frame.
The pivot hinge of the doors for corridor installation is fixed directly on the jamb, and is adjustable thanks to the telescopic features of the structure.