In 2004, designer Massimo Luca conceived the ADL project, with the aim of creating technologically advanced products that are also interior architectural elements. His experience in the field of design, combined with his way of thinking, which looks towards the future, determined the direction of the company. ADL focuses on creating doors that are not simply furnishing items, but which complete a room by becoming part of it.

ADL doors stand out because they transform into doorways that sub-divide rather than divide spaces, at the same time connecting them, creating what Ludwig Mies van der Rohe defined as “flowing spaces”.


“Show the future that ADL doors want to open onto living spaces”, this is the inspiration behind the style and architecture of the ADL showroom.
Situated in the company’s headquarters in Vicenza in Via Preazzi 79, it is a welcoming, cool and dynamic space that fully represents the brand values and quality. Designed as an effective showcase to highlight the Made in Italy products, the ADL showroom is an exhibition itinerary that combines high-tech with an eclectic design of various types of product.

The showroom interiors are lit by natural light that flows in through the large glass well that houses an elegant ginkgo garden, whose shapes and colours are reflected in a fascinating waterfall.
The choices for the style inside the showroom are, on one hand, of strict aesthetic rigour given by matching aluminium and glass, and on the other have an innovative design where research and the use of unusual materials give new material life to the door.
Glass, wood, resin, stone, metal, such as brass and corten steel, porcelain stone and ceramics are all materials that are applied to ADL technological systems, and make the showroom an exclusive exhibition area providing trade professionals a source of custom-made design solutions. The exhibition space is being constantly updated and is an important communications tool and meeting and training space for all the ADL colleagues and dealers.